A Partner® with Benefits.

As a value-added law firm for industry, we consistently gear our services to the needs of industry and business.

From our many years of expertise in business law, we have developed a multi-level partner model that not only creates long-term prospects, but also generates sustainable added value.

Our value creation model for industry and business

Our model covers all levels of business law sovereignty, from the initial assessment to the formulation of strategic goals, the setting up of processes and structures, to operational and strategic legal advice.

  • Assessment & Strategy

    Initial assessment and strategic goal formulation with a focus on legal processes, optimisation and excellence in all business law issues, tailored to your industry.

  • Processes & Structures

    Development and optimisation of processes and structures with a focus on sovereignty in business law, integrating modern technological solutions and using alternative fee models.

  • Sovereignty & Excellence

    Operational support and advice in all business law matters, as required in the form of customised legal advice, secondment or project management.

  • Proactive Value Creation

    Strategic support and advice with a focus on long-term growth objectives, taking into account legal, political and economic developments tailored to your industry.

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Our expertise by industry

  • Automotive

    Full speed ahead

    The automotive industry faces two main areas of tension: The need for innovation and the ongoing drive for internationalisation.

    Your industry is increasingly confronted with bottlenecks in important raw materials. A stable supply chain is therefore all the more important. Rising and fluctuating raw material prices as well as production stoppages are a constant companion. Cybercrime is becoming a burning issue for your industry due to increasing mechanisation. In addition, the growing demand for electric cars is affecting the entire industry. Partner® helps you to use these challenges to your company's advantage.

    At Partner®, we offer first-class legal advice across the entire spectrum of business law. Having advised OEMs, suppliers and dealers for many years, we know what matters in the automotive industry. Partner® accompanies you through the entire life cycle of your company along the entire value chain, be it joint venture, licensing and supply agreements, patenting and licensing, restructuring, transactions or exits.

    We support you with sound contract drafting to protect your business from failures, whether in production or in the supply chain. Partner® navigates your company to its destination in a practical and secure manner.

  • Energy

    Power Mode

    More than any other sector, the energy sector, whether conventional or renewable, is facing the challenge of increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

    In addition, technological progress, the energy transition and changing customer behaviour are shaping the industry as never before.  Despite increased energy demand, you are challenged to produce sustainably at all times. The change in markets and market structures, increasing digitalisation and ever stricter environmental standards do not stop at your industry either. Cybercrime, blackouts and network insecurities are constant threats.

    At Partner®, we see it as our job to ensure that you not only keep pace with market developments at all times, but that your business is always one step ahead. Not only do we help you identify and manage risks at an early stage, we also use our legal expertise and relevant industry knowledge to turn your challenges into opportunities for your business.

    Partner® advises your business on all industry-relevant legal issues, be it energy generation and storage, project planning, approval and financing, electricity and gas distribution, trading and consumption, corporate transactions and acquisitions, or litigation and representation before authorities. We work precisely, efficiently and sustainably for your company.


  • Machinery & Plant Engineering

    Engineering the world

    The machinery and plant engineering industry is faced with ever-increasing cost pressure, technology competition and a multitude of regulatory requirements.

    We at Partner® are very familiar with these challenges and can help you to master them to the advantage of your company. We apply our industry know-how when it comes to structuring projects, devising development strategies and protecting your inventions. In addition, we offer practical solutions for all legally relevant issues, be it industry-specific contract drafting, dispute resolution, litigation, digitalisation, process optimisation or the implementation of regulatory requirements.

    As a strategic Partner®, we combine highest legal quality with practical relevance and cost efficiency, always with a focus on the long-term development of your business. Because we know: mechanical engineering and plant construction enable economic growth and the expansion of infrastructure.


  • Chemistry & Pharma

    Your formula for success

    As a business in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, you face a number of demanding challenges.

    In addition to increasing pressure on profit margins, you must simultaneously navigate a jungle of regulations and keep pace with rapid technological development. In addition, you face with raw material shortages, rising energy prices and supply and delivery difficulties. The constant pressure on your business to grow is unrelenting.

    Our team at Partner® supports you with innovative legal advice, be it on digital transformation, skilful contract drafting, M&A transactions and acquisitions, new product launches, patenting, collaborations, licensing, compliance, environmental or industry-specific regulations.

    We accompany your company in every phase. You can rely on us to use our creativity to provide you with the highest level of legal and strategic advice in your challenging environment.


  • Food & Beverages

    That tastes good!

    As an entrepreneur in the food industry, you can never rest. The industry is subject to strong competition and constantly changing legal requirements.

    This makes it one of the most dynamic and innovative industries around. Partner® shares your passion and supports you in staying one step ahead of the competition.  

    We use our in-depth legal knowledge of the food and beverage industry to provide you with innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities presented by ever-faster changing consumer needs, new technologies and more stringent legal requirements.  

    Partner® supports you in drafting all industry-relevant contracts, especially distribution agreements, drafts sound terms and conditions for you and advises you on the extensive legal labelling requirements. We check your advertising strategy for legal sustainability.

    We help you identify sustainable development potential, be it in the opening up of new markets, product development or the expansion or streamlining of your product portfolio. And beyond!

  • Paper

    Added value from wood

    The paper industry has an excellent track record of innovation and resource efficiency, but at the same time faces weighty challenges.

    Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we at Partner® can help you secure and further drive the success of your business.

    At Partner®, we know the challenges your industry faces: in addition to rising, highly fluctuating raw material and energy prices, you are often confronted with supply obligations at fixed prices. At Partner®, we can help you overcoming these challenges with skilful contract design.

    We advise you on all industry-specific issues and offer you innovative support in the digitalisation of processes, certifications, the generation, provision and storage of energy, as well as comprehensive legal advice across the entire spectrum of business law with vision. Sustainability, the highest quality, practical relevance and cost-effectiveness are a matter of course for us.

    At Partner® we give our all so that you can concentrate on the essentials: The preservation and expansion of your business!

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Our business law expertise

We add value across all areas of business law. And beyond. Always with the long-term vision of our business clients in mind.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    We get deals done

    Mergers & Acquisitions are an important pillar of strategic growth management.

    We not only accompany you throughout the entire transaction process, from preparation to due diligence and contract negotiations to closing, but also stand by you as a Strategic Partner® with innovative solutions tailored to your industry. Due to our many years of international experience, we can also provide you with competent support in the cross-border purchase and sale of companies, drawing on our international Partner® network.

  • Corporate

    Better with a strong partner

    We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of corporate and commerical law.

    And provide pragmatic, business-oriented advice to ensure strategic success at every stage of your business' life cycle - from company formation to corporate governance, management issues, corporate actions, restructuring and exit.

  • Turnarounds & Insolvency Law

    Reposition for the future

    A turnaround is an opportunity to make your business fit for the future from the ground up.

    We accompany you as a strategic Partner® in the evaluation phase and throughout the entire judicial or extrajudicial restructuring process, in each case applying internationally recognised principles and best practices. We develop and implement innovative and value-maximising strategies for you in often time-critical situations, whether as a company at risk of insolvency or as an international or national creditor.

    We know the legal, political and economic realities when a business gets into financial difficulties. And therefore act here with clear recommendations for action to get you back on the road to entrepreneurial success as quickly as possible.

  • Real Estate & Construction Law

    Built on a solid foundation

    With our in-depth knowledge of the industry and the local market, we support you throughout the entire life cycle of your property.

    We accompany you from acquisition through financing and development to the sale of your property. We cover the entire spectrum of asset classes for you: Commercial, retail, industrial, office, hotel, residential, logistics and special real estate.

    In real estate transactions, we support you in the preparation, legal due diligence, negotiations, contract drafting and execution. We efficiently handle real estate development projects for you in all phases; in planning, dedication and construction matters, we efficiently represent you as an experienced Partner® before authorities and courts.

  • Financing

    Maximise Value. Minimise Costs.

    We secure solid financing structures for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

    We advise you throughout the entire financing process, from the initial acquisition to restructuring and repayment. As your Partner®, we support you in selecting the most appropriate form of financing for your business project, be it acquisition financing, project financing, asset financing or real estate financing. In doing so, we always keep in mind: the optimal exploitation of your business potential.

  • Employment Law

    We see human capital, not human resources

    We provide an employment law framework that promotes the full potential of your employees in the long term.

    Satisfied employees are one of the most important pillars of your business. It is therefore important to maintain a trusting and legally sound relationship with your employees. We help you to achieve this by advising you on all questions of employment law as a reliable Partner® with practical relevance and a sense of proportion.

  • Company formation and Start-up Package

    Company formation compact

    You would like to found a company in Austria? Then we will be happy to support you!

    We advise you on which form of business is best suited for you - be it a sole proprietorship or a company such as a GmbH (limited liability company), GmbH & Co KG (Ltd & Co KG), Offene Gesellschaft (general partnership, OG), Kommanditgesellschaft (limited partnership, KG) or Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts (civl law partnership, GesbR). When setting up a company, we draw up the articles of association for you and coordinate the notary as well as the registration with the company register - all at transparent costs. If you wish, we will also be happy to support you in entering the Austrian market and expanding your business.

    Foundation package:

    - Advice on the choice of legal form
    - Preparation of the articles of association and other founding documents
    - Coordination of the notary
    - Filing with the company register

    Price from EUR 899.00 plus VAT (excluding notary fees, charges and incidental costs)

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    Our expertise in Formation and Corporate Law:

    - Formation advice
    - Company and partnership formation
    - Choice of the appropriate legal form (GmbH, GmbH & Co KG, OG, KG and GesbR)
    - Drafting of articles of association
    - Syndicate agreements
    - Rules of procedure
    - Corporate governance
    - Liability of managing director and supervisory board
    - Management contracts
    - Shareholder disputes
    - General and shareholders' meetings
    - Reorganisations, mergers, demergers and restructurings
    - Capital maintenance, capital increases and capital measures
    - Legal succession and corporate succession
    - Liquidations
    - Acquisition of companies (asset deal and share deal)
    - Branch office

  • Public Commercial Law

    Playing by the rules

    The high art of public commercial law lies in the unerring handling of legal framework conditions.

    The regulatory density of official approval requirements can sometimes be downright overwhelming. This is especially true for industrial enterprises, which are often subject to particularly strict public-law regulations and requirements, for example in environmental, health and safety matters.

    Successfully navigating the regulatory jungle requires both foresight and specialised technical and industry knowledge. With our many years of experience in a wide range of regulatory matters, we can navigate you safely through the thicket of regulations. And as your Partner®, we always keep your long-term business goals and future challenges in mind, so that you can make the best use of the legal framework.

  • Public Procurement Law

    Better safe than sorry

    Procurement procedures require a sure hand. After all, even minor flaws in your bid can mean disqualification in the bidding process.

    Public procurement plays an enormously important economic role. As an experienced Partner®, we can reliably advise you on all public procurement issues, from participation in tenders to the procedural enforcement of your rights.

  • Conflict Resolution

    We play to win

    Without a strong Partner®, legal disputes tie up valuable company resources and can threaten your very existence.

    We know that the most important lesson about conflict is to avoid it, and we strongly support you in doing so. But sometimes that is not possible. Then we accompany you as an experienced Partner® in resolving conflicts according to all the rules of the art. Our approach focuses on resolving disputes quickly and effectively with as little disruption to your business as possible.

    There are various ways to resolve conflicts: through court proceedings, arbitration or out-of-court solutions. As your Partner®, we will advise you on the best way to achieve your strategic business goals.

  • Commercial Criminal Law & Compliance

    Prevention is better than cure

    The mere suspicion of white-collar crime can have devastating consequences for businesses - such as damage to their reputation, which is difficult to repair.

    With our multi-level model, we evaluate risks, relevant fields of action and existing regulations and develop mechanisms to prevent violations and ensure compliance - today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

    In the event of a crisis, we are your competent Partner® at your side - from internal investigations to official investigations to defence in court. The focus is always on the well-being and reputation of your company, your management and your workforce. Many of our most successful cases have resulted in no charges being filed, therefore remain confidential and do not become known in the media.

  • Intellectual Property

    Protect what's rightfully yours

    Your intellectual property is one of your most important assets. Its protection is the basis for a functioning innovation cycle.

    We advise you on all intellectual property issues (especially trademarks, patents, copyrights, data protection or know-how), in particular on strategically important decisions such as company acquisitions and sales or fundamental entrepreneurial innovations. We always focus on the latest technological trends and specifics of your industry, your strategic business goals and the effective enforcement of your rights.

  • Competition Law

    Have a strong guard

    Competition and antitrust law is one of the most highly regulated and dynamic areas of law anywhere - and the trend is rising.

    Compliance with fair competition is closely monitored and vigorously enforced by national and international competition authorities. Any non-compliance can lead to heavy fines, criminal liability and reputational damage. As experienced Partners®, we competently help you avoid the many pitfalls, whether in corporate transactions, mergers, joint ventures, cooperation agreements or state aid.

  • Real Estate Package

    Property purchase compact

    You would like to buy or sell a property in Austria? We ensure a quick and secure transaction - at a fair and transparent price!

    We advise you on the purchase or sale of your property, be it a house, a flat or a plot of land. We draw up the purchase contract, coordinate the notary and the submission to the land register.

    Property package:

    - Advice before the purchase or sale of the property
    - Drawing up the purchase contract
    - Coordination of the notary
    - Submission to the land register

    Price from EUR 899.00 plus VAT (excluding notary fees, taxes and incidental costs)

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    Our expertise in Real Estate Law:

    - Purchase contracts
    - Condominium law
    - Investor apartments
    - Tenancy law (MRG)
    - Real estate agent law
    - Leasehold
    - Property development law (BTVG)
    - Property development contract
    - land register law
    - Easements
    - Foreigners' land law
    - Real estate transactions (asset deal and share deal)
    - Real estate financing
    - Building law
    - Regional Planning law
    - Zoning plan

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