A Partner® with Benefits.

As a value-added law firm for industry, we consistently gear our services to the needs of industry and business.

From our many years of expertise in business law, we have developed a multi-level partner model that not only creates long-term prospects, but also generates sustainable added value.

Our value creation model for industry and business

Our model covers all levels of business law sovereignty, from the initial assessment to the formulation of strategic goals, the setting up of processes and structures, to operational and strategic legal advice.

  • Assessment & Strategy

    Initial assessment and strategic goal formulation with a focus on legal processes, optimisation and excellence in all business law issues, tailored to your industry.

  • Processes & Structures

    Development and optimisation of processes and structures with a focus on sovereignty in business law, integrating modern technological solutions and using alternative fee models.

  • Sovereignty & Excellence

    Operational support and advice in all business law matters, as required in the form of customised legal advice, secondment or project management.

  • Proactive Value Creation

    Strategic support and advice with a focus on long-term growth objectives, taking into account legal, political and economic developments tailored to your industry.

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