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  • Automotive

    Full speed ahead

    The automotive industry faces two main areas of tension: The need for innovation and the ongoing drive for internationalisation.

    Your industry is increasingly confronted with bottlenecks in important raw materials. A stable supply chain is therefore all the more important. Rising and fluctuating raw material prices as well as production stoppages are a constant companion. Cybercrime is becoming a burning issue for your industry due to increasing mechanisation. In addition, the growing demand for electric cars is affecting the entire industry. Partner® helps you to use these challenges to your company's advantage.

    At Partner®, we offer first-class legal advice across the entire spectrum of business law. Having advised OEMs, suppliers and dealers for many years, we know what matters in the automotive industry. Partner® accompanies you through the entire life cycle of your company along the entire value chain, be it joint venture, licensing and supply agreements, patenting and licensing, restructuring, transactions or exits.

    We support you with sound contract drafting to protect your business from failures, whether in production or in the supply chain. Partner® navigates your company to its destination in a practical and secure manner.

  • Energy

    Power Mode

    More than any other sector, the energy sector, whether conventional or renewable, is facing the challenge of increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

    In addition, technological progress, the energy transition and changing customer behaviour are shaping the industry as never before.  Despite increased energy demand, you are challenged to produce sustainably at all times. The change in markets and market structures, increasing digitalisation and ever stricter environmental standards do not stop at your industry either. Cybercrime, blackouts and network insecurities are constant threats.

    At Partner®, we see it as our job to ensure that you not only keep pace with market developments at all times, but that your business is always one step ahead. Not only do we help you identify and manage risks at an early stage, we also use our legal expertise and relevant industry knowledge to turn your challenges into opportunities for your business.

    Partner® advises your business on all industry-relevant legal issues, be it energy generation and storage, project planning, approval and financing, electricity and gas distribution, trading and consumption, corporate transactions and acquisitions, or litigation and representation before authorities. We work precisely, efficiently and sustainably for your company.


  • Machinery & Plant Engineering

    Engineering the world

    The machinery and plant engineering industry is faced with ever-increasing cost pressure, technology competition and a multitude of regulatory requirements.

    We at Partner® are very familiar with these challenges and can help you to master them to the advantage of your company. We apply our industry know-how when it comes to structuring projects, devising development strategies and protecting your inventions. In addition, we offer practical solutions for all legally relevant issues, be it industry-specific contract drafting, dispute resolution, litigation, digitalisation, process optimisation or the implementation of regulatory requirements.

    As a strategic Partner®, we combine highest legal quality with practical relevance and cost efficiency, always with a focus on the long-term development of your business. Because we know: mechanical engineering and plant construction enable economic growth and the expansion of infrastructure.


  • Chemistry & Pharma

    Your formula for success

    As a business in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, you face a number of demanding challenges.

    In addition to increasing pressure on profit margins, you must simultaneously navigate a jungle of regulations and keep pace with rapid technological development. In addition, you face with raw material shortages, rising energy prices and supply and delivery difficulties. The constant pressure on your business to grow is unrelenting.

    Our team at Partner® supports you with innovative legal advice, be it on digital transformation, skilful contract drafting, M&A transactions and acquisitions, new product launches, patenting, collaborations, licensing, compliance, environmental or industry-specific regulations.

    We accompany your company in every phase. You can rely on us to use our creativity to provide you with the highest level of legal and strategic advice in your challenging environment.


  • Food & Beverages

    That tastes good!

    As an entrepreneur in the food industry, you can never rest. The industry is subject to strong competition and constantly changing legal requirements.

    This makes it one of the most dynamic and innovative industries around. Partner® shares your passion and supports you in staying one step ahead of the competition.  

    We use our in-depth legal knowledge of the food and beverage industry to provide you with innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities presented by ever-faster changing consumer needs, new technologies and more stringent legal requirements.  

    Partner® supports you in drafting all industry-relevant contracts, especially distribution agreements, drafts sound terms and conditions for you and advises you on the extensive legal labelling requirements. We check your advertising strategy for legal sustainability.

    We help you identify sustainable development potential, be it in the opening up of new markets, product development or the expansion or streamlining of your product portfolio. And beyond!

  • Paper

    Added value from wood

    The paper industry has an excellent track record of innovation and resource efficiency, but at the same time faces weighty challenges.

    Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we at Partner® can help you secure and further drive the success of your business.

    At Partner®, we know the challenges your industry faces: in addition to rising, highly fluctuating raw material and energy prices, you are often confronted with supply obligations at fixed prices. At Partner®, we can help you overcoming these challenges with skilful contract design.

    We advise you on all industry-specific issues and offer you innovative support in the digitalisation of processes, certifications, the generation, provision and storage of energy, as well as comprehensive legal advice across the entire spectrum of business law with vision. Sustainability, the highest quality, practical relevance and cost-effectiveness are a matter of course for us.

    At Partner® we give our all so that you can concentrate on the essentials: The preservation and expansion of your business!

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